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Total Patcher T-7500 - Features

Costly, inefficient road repair has long been a thorn in the side of many people - from city and county officials to the taxpayers who use the road. The Total Patcher T-7500 is the solution to their problem. Use the Total Patcher T-7500 Road Repair System, and everybody wins!

In only three simple steps, the Total Patcher T-7500 allows the repair crew to quickly and efficiently create a permanent repair without having to close the road. Traffic stays moving and road repair costs are minimized. No more repetitive trips to fix the same area!


The Total Patcher T-7500 pays for itself in many ways:

Total Patcher T-7500 Will Repair


Total Patcher Diagram
  1. Free Travel Boom System
    The Boom System supports the weight of the aggregate hoses, making operating the T-7500 Total Patcher easier than ever! The Boom System allows an 18 ft. working radius.
  2. Directional Arrow Board
  3. Emulsion Tank
    250 gal tank features a 12-inch filler cap for added safety and convenience.
  4. Insulated Line Packet
    For cold weather operation.
  5. Operator Controls
    All operator controls for the throttle and aggregate flow are conveniently located at the handle.
  6. Air Conveyor Aggregate Feed
    Hopper Box on Patcher receives aggregate via a 5-inch diameter flex hose from dump truck.
  7. Aggregate Hose
    Rubber neoprene lined aggregate hose is wire reinforced to prevent kinking.
  8. 12,000 lb, 8 Lug Torsion Suspension

Video Demonstration

This video demonstrates the abilities of the TOTAL PATCHER with repair to cracks, potholes, shoulder deterioration, and other types of road repair.